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Got a Book? Want to Publish? What’s the Secret That They’re Not Telling You? 

by Blondie Clayton

There’s a market for self-published authors today that allows anyone to publish a book. You don’t even have to be an experienced writer, or have even written anything before. If you have  a little money or a savings stash, you can write a book and be in print in  30 days. 

A search of the internet and you will find “Amazon” has gotten into the publishing business. You can get a book published for free. There are companies who will do everything for you. I wrote and published at the right time in history.

How many books can you write? As many as you want. So what is the problem with the fast track to getting books and more books into the market? They are not selling. Why aren’t they selling? There could be a number of reasons. Poorly written, lacks editing and proofreading. The writer is not clear on the target market. No market appeal. It’s about the book and the author has not thought beyond selling books.

The question I ask: what good is it having a book and you can’t sell enough to earn a living? Or have you resigned yourself to the fact that since it is not selling, you are okay because your name on the book is good enough? Is it that you have given up? I hope you haven’t given up. I thought you entered the race to win; don’t stop now.

Think about it! Why did you write this book in the first place? You were moved to write it. It took some of your time, but you did it, didn’t you? Let me ask you this: when you got into your job or career did you not have to train, or study? Book publishing is like anything else you set your mind to do.

How do you overcome the “I can publish a book” cheap and make a million dollars without doing anything? It’s called a change in attitude. I hope this was a help. So what they took your money because you needed a publisher. They are in business to make money. You needed the service, they provided it.

Now that your attitude is starting to turn, your first challenge would be how to get into the market. It didn’t take me long to realize that I wasn’t going to get rich selling books. I did an assessment of myself: what can I do to work my way into the market, to get recognized by my local community and peers? 

It was a divine appointment at a post office. There was a flyer laying up on the table that read, “Become a Professional Speaker.” A light came on. That was for me. What will it be for you?

Launching into the market may require learning something new. Are you willing to do what it takes? Or will you just keep printing more and more books, hoping for the big deal? 


Frequently Asked Questions About Book Publishing




1. How long does it take to get self-published?

Approximately 30-60 days, if the work is finished and ready for print.

2. When querying a traditional publisher, how long should you wait before you

consider self-publishing?

Depends on your level of patience. Even if you self-publish, you can still

continue querying publishers.

3. Why do most writers/authors fail to get published?

Lack of patience, unwilling to persist, querying wrong publisher, etc.

4. Is self-publishing very expensive?

No. Depending on the type of book you write. You can start with a booklet and

work your way to a perfect bind book. Use the booklets to raise funds for your

perfect bind book. Booklets can be printed in smaller quantities. You can even

use your home computer and make very attractive booklets.

5. Why should I invest in self-publishing?

Faster. Puts you in control. Bigger returns. Less hassle. Convenient. Financial

investment can be spread out.

6. Are self-published authors welcome in bookstores?

Yes, but book stores are not the best place for a first time self-published

author. Bookstores are in the business to sell books. Come up with a clever angle

and go for it. You never know who you might have favor with.