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                        Documenting COVID-19  2020 – Historical Collection


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5- Tips On How to Get Control of Worrying

1. Journal your thoughts

Spend some time writing, allowing whatever is on your mind. Do this for at least a week to get a better idea of what you seem to focus on most often. 

2. Identify worry thoughts

After a week of writing, review your notes; place a check next to any thought that is re-curring, or similar. Write your thoughts about what you checked.

3. Ask why and write your responses

Why are you worrying about this? This may take a little more time to get at the source, but do it anyway.

4. Why are you afraid?

Once you discover “why” examine the “why.” Is it fear? Are you afraid of the outcome of something? Is it that you are afraid of your grandson in his rebellion will end up dead? 

5. Now What!

You can choose ways that you feel more comfortable with. Some use affirmations, or meditation techniques. Or you can “Cast all of your cares upon Him (God) because He cares for you.” When worries are given to God He cleanses the mind of these random worries directed by Satan, allowing the recipient the opportunity to keep a mindset that is in peace in Him (God).



My Wake up Call After Sexual Abuse and Crack

(The Bertha Harden Story)

I was only an innocent child when my innocence was taken from me, not once, but many times by an uncle who told me it was love. Not only did he steal my innocence but he stole my life, making me feel as if his abusing me sexually was my fault. Below is an excerpt from my book called Deliverance Is In The Praise (It Started With Thanks And Ended With A Breakthrough), sharing one of the darkest moments of my life.
“I have reached a point where I am down and out of touch with everything. Mostly, feeling sorry for myself, because of the mess that I have gotten into, which is crack cocaine, and problems that I never wanted to face. The fact is, the only rejection I have is not with others but with myself. I know deep down inside I’m killing myself, but there is something inside that keeps telling me that it’s okay. Sometimes I feel as if no one gives a damn or hears my cries; they only think of themselves.

“I look like everything is just dandy with me . . . if only they knew. There are so many things locked up inside. In this hour as I wait to be accepted into rehab, I am remembering things I have tried to forget, yet now, those memories are coming at me: I was raped at seven years old. I was a large girl but I was a child. I started having flashbacks through my dreams but I could not tell anyone or even talk about it. I believed I was dirty. I just knew that I was a bad girl because of what happened to me.

“How can I forget my first swimming lesson at Dorsey Park, in the neighborhood where I lived, how this big, fat teacher was in charge of teaching us to swim--he stuck his finger up into my private part.
I was so afraid. He told me that I was a bad girl, that I would get a beating if I told. I’ve been afraid until now. Then there was the man who pulled me into an alley and threatened to kill me if I screamed while he was raping me. He had his hand over my mouth. I ran home when he let me go. There was no one to tell. Everyone was too busy working, or doing their own thing. My stepmother and father drank like fish and fought all the time. After awhile I started to think these things were suppose to happen.

“My drug use started after my first husband started to abuse me. I used drugs to help me with the pain. Why is all of this coming back to me now? I thought. “I’m so tired. I need rest. My head is hurting so bad. I need help.”

Bertha Harden is a recovered addict whose life has been totally transformed. Today she spends her life ministering, reaching out to help others stuck in drug addiction to break free; she visits prisons, sharing her story of a changed life in areas where others are afraid to venture.

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