You Can Master Your Fears Forever!

Don’t Let Fear Define Who You Are or What Your Destiny Is!

Experiencing fear can greatly impact your view on life, your confidence levels, and can sabotage your potential for personal growth. It doesn’t matter what the fear is or how many people have it – if it is affecting your life in a negative way and holding you back from full enjoyment of your life . . .

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Enlightening and informative articles:

Change Happens When You Decide You’ve Had Enough

Read any good books lately? There are some books I go back to over and over. One such book is the story of my life after abuse. It’s called “Abused! The Results, The Plan and the Victory.” Why do I revisit the past? It encourages me and brings tears of joy to my eyes. Why? Because I have victory over what once held me as a prisoner. The sting of those horrid moments has dissipated. . . Read More


Your Value and Purpose Is Not Determined By Circumstances

Are you facing something right now? Do you wish God would hurry up? Are you restless, impatient and maybe even a little anxious. . . Relax. There are times I too feel like that. God has me in this place, taking me step by step. I know it’s him, yet I I want to be there already, wherever there is. . . Read More


“Bad” Experiences – What Purpose Do They Serve?

Stepping stone moments. . . Life is full of them. Just when we think we’ve settled in, or passed the test, feeling comfortable; it’s time to move on. The journey is not over yet. . . Read More


The Secret Behind Visions / Dreams Rarely Discovered

Have you ever had a dream/ vision come true? One you desired; one God gave you; or a vision while you were awake? I started writing this a few weeks ago and just couldn’t seem to finish it. “What was I missing?” I kept asking myself. . . Read More


The Keys to Being Happy

Do you know what it means to be happy? Why is it something most people want but never seem to find it? Could it be they really don’t know what would make them happy? I was never happy as a child growing up. I was always sad inside. . . Read More


Take A Stand For What You Believe . . . Even If No One Is On Your Side

“I delight myself in you, giving thanks for your emotional healing.” As I sat down to finally write again after two weeks of lost desire, I cannot help but repeat these words over and over. What was wrong with me? Why wasn’t the faucet flowing? There was a transition taking place. . . Read More