Frank and Blondie Clayton




Frank and Blondie bring to the table over 25 years of experience of working with youth, women, men, couples, and community services in local communities. Their experience together is as follows:

  • Certified Life Coaches, Mentors, Speaker Trainers, and Bible Study Teachers
  • Coaches and Mentors to First Time Authors. Blondie is the author of over 10 books.
  • Host local Marriage Ministry Events; Train couples and women to become Mentors
  • Host Conferences/Retreats/Workshops for Writing, Publishing, and HIV/AIDS Education
  • Conducted/Participated in Evangelistic Outreaches
  • Camp Counselors/Speakers for Youth For Christ (teens 13-18)
  • Trainers/Recruiters – Jobs Partnership of Miami for the unemployed and underemployed
  • Organized Church Planting
  • Professional Speakers Network Hall of Fame—Lifetime members
  • Radio Show Hosts (Positive Change Radio) and Guests on several shows
  • Frank – Speaker for the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Program founded by Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson, who recognized him in the Official Congressional Record for his presentations.
  • Blondie – the Assignment Editor for the Trumpeter Magazine, a Christian Publication; Freelance Writer for the South Florida Newsweek; and Editor-in-Chief of News Steps For Better Living Magazine

Frank and Blondie are champions at building a winning attitude. This couple has a passion for hurting women, marriages, and families. They will captivate and motivate others to triumph over life challenges to see their lives changed. Blondie is an Ordained Minister.




Cheryl L. Clayton




Cheryl has over 30 years of coaching, mentoring, supervisory, training, and hiring experience.

  • Co-owner of four successful child enrichment centers (40+ employees)
         – Recognized as Director of the Year
         – Certified Trainer of Trainers for Directors and Staff
  • Mental Health Services facility Administrator and Physician’s Liaison
  • Call Center Coach (team of 11-15)
         – Recognized as Coach of the Year and twice as Coach of the Quarter
  • Local Bible Study Teacher
  • Outreach through the prison/juvenile system to men, women, boys, and girls
  • Speaker for Women and Singles at retreats, churches, and workshops
  • Youth For Christ Camp Counselor/Speaker (teens 13-18)
  • Guest on radio shows: Positive Change Radio, WMCU, and WPIO
  • Participated/conducted evangelistic outreaches
  • Bible Study/Sunday School teacher for adults and teens
  • Leadership skills trainer for HIV/AIDS Youth Entrepreneur Program
  • Recruiter for the Jobs Partnership of Miami for the unemployed and underemployed
  • Professional Speakers Network Hall of Fame—Lifetime member
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with minors in Women’s Studies and Gerontology/Aging Services

Cheryl’s passion for creating and building relationships is what separates her from the crowd. She is a perfect blend of compassion and leadership. She loves seeing the transformation in clients’ lives because of her dedication to personal growth and her life journey. She has coached and mentored teens and adults about life, career, parenting, sexual abuse, and being a Christian single. She is an Ordained Minister. Cheryl loves coaching people to live the life of their dreams through avenues yet undiscovered.